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Price List


Initial Consultation
1 hour

A consultation and taster session allows you to understand what hypnosis is and what it definitely isn't.  Included is a brief hypnosis experience.  This is a no obligation opportunity to decide hypnosis is for you.


Each Hypnotherapy Session
1 hour

Each therapy session is individually personalised. Treatments typically require between 3 and 6 sessions, depending on the type of issue. Discounts are available for a pre-booked sessions and will be discussed at your initial consultation.


Smoking Therapy 
One session - 2 hours

Smoking cessation therapy is completed in one session, with an optional complimentary follow up session.

Ressuming soon...

Group Sessions
Ask for details

Small group sessions for limited periods, addressing specific common problems such as Anxiety & Stress, Weight management, Menopause.

Coming soon...

Equine Confidence

This is a bespoke solution for riders looking for confidence in horse riding.  Uniquely, this can include sessions in the saddle, either with your own horse, or mine.

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